Tuesday, May 09, 2006
  Beginning in an ending
It's somewhat hard to explain why I began this, originally. I intend now, to use it as a place for my thoughts, to finally start getting them out of my head. I have very rarely been able to do this so far, due to a certain kind of perfectionism. Previously, when I wrote, I would always look back at my writing in regret later. I am cursed with the ability to see my own immaturity as a writer. Gaps in my knowledge embarrassed me endlessly. These are unavoidable, but they have made it impossible for me to write anything, knowing it wouldn't stay as current as my thoughts. I found myself in a kind of unending state of preparation for the time in which I would feel that my thoughts were complete enough to document. This is a project to combat that lingering feeling of preemptive regret, to force myself to write about what I am learning and thinking. This, hopefully, signals the end of my preparation and the beginning of a time when I can accept the changes my thought and my ability to write go through. This is my acceptance of my public self as a process. Incomplete logic, ill-informed opionions, immature writing and the inescapable typo, I welcome you.
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