Wednesday, April 25, 2007
I haven't been writing here. I was beginning to feel guilty, but a number of things have made me reconsider.
I haven't been reading much lately and I'm relatively fine with this. I've been very busy. I moved back to Texas, transferred to a new school, and I've been doing a lot of programming. I'm working on a strategy game and I may turn this space into a development journal for that if I have time to keep working on it over the summer. I believe I invented a new algorithm for generating realistic maps for games, and some time soon I'll write about that.
I've also undergone a number of subtle changes in attitude. To sum things up too quickly, some recent events have made me realize that I don't particularly care if I am ever part of the "blogging community" especially the one I'd previously been attracted to. My attitude toward philosophy as it's practiced in modern academic settings is in the process of shifting, and I'm beginning to think of my outsider status as a good thing. In short, I'm changing.
So I'll keep writing about books only now I don't care if anyone reads what I write. This is just for me now, if anyone happens to read it, they will have to put up with my pace and what I want to write about.
Hello. =] I really like the domain of this site. If you are not using it can I have it? :)
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